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About Parkinson’s Disease

Have You or a Loved One Just Been Diagnosed with Parkinson’s?

As overwhelming as a Parkinson’s diagnosis may be, be it for you or a loved one, remember you are hardly alone. We’re in this together. Over one million Americans live with Parkinson’s and many of them experience a good quality of life when the disease is actively managed. Consider becoming our patient.

Resources at PICC

Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center offers the best patient care because we’re dedicated to knowing the disease inside-out and employ some of the best movement disorder specialists in the country.

Several time each year PICC hosts a newly diagnosed seminar in which patients, caregivers, and family members ask questions of our movement disorder specialists – join us at the next seminar.

Participate in Research

We fight back against this disease through our world-class research, especially through clinical trials conducted on site. New treatments and diagnostic tests represent major weapons in the fight against Parkinson’s. Participate in a clinical trial.

Access More Information

Still trying to wrap your mind around a diagnosis? Are you trying to understand more about Parkinson’s?

We’ve curated an extensive video library covering topics touching Parkinson’s patients on everything ranging from sleep disturbances to the importance of exercise.

If you or someone you know needs advice on living with Parkinson’s, the Parkinson’s Foundation can help you find a group nationally, and the Parkinson’s Patient Support Groups (PPSG) can help you find a group within the San Francisco Bay area.

Questions about making a donation? Please call (650) 770-0201.

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