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ESB Biomarker: Biomarker Discovery in Parkinson’s Disease

By donating a small blood sample you can help researchers better understand how diseases like Parkinson’s may be linked to genetic factors and provide insight into pathways toward treatments.

E-Scape Bio is developing therapies to counteract the effects of genes involved in familial forms of Parkinson’s disease, including LRRK2 and GBA. A higher presence of LRRK2 activity in the blood has been linked to Parkinson’s disease.

One way to determine the presence of the higher LRRK2 activity is by observing higher levels of a biomarker in the blood.

E-Scape Bio will examine the LRRK2 activity biomarker in blood from people with Parkinson’s who have LRRK2 or GBA mutations and in people with Parkinson’s who do not have mutations in LRRK2 or GBA.

E-Scape Bio will also test if a therapy can reduce the levels of the biomarker in the blood in people with mutations and in those who do not have mutations.

Status: Recruiting

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