About Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials: Vital to Parkinson’s Care

Clinical trials unlock new treatments. New treatments help address the unique way each Parkinson’s patient experiences the disease. Managing symptoms allows patients to continue on with their normal lives as much as possible.

Trials provide critical information to both our physicians and researchers—–and inform the greater field of Parkinson’s as a whole. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires proof that treatments are safe and effective before they are made available to the public. So without sufficient volunteers, many trials never get off the ground, which stalls the very drug development that can offer breakthroughs for patients.

It can take many years for a drug to even become approved for clinical testing. Once at the clinical trial stage, studies aim to:

  • Better understand Parkinson’s
  • Develop methods to evaluate Parkinson’s and its progression
  • Develop safe and effective treatments, which may include medications, devices, or other therapies

Clinical Trials at the Institute

At any one time, Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center performs nearly a dozen of these life-altering trials–with the goal of expanding our clinical trial program in the near future so new therapies come to market more quickly and more patients experience an improved quality of life.

Access a list of our current clinical trials.

What You Should Know About Volunteering for a Trial

Thank you for your interest in contributing to clinical trials. Here’s what you should know about volunteering for a trial:

  • You do NOT need to be a patient of Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center to participate in a clinical trial.
  • You do need to be willing and able to travel to our location in Sunnyvale, California.
  • Participation in any clinical trial is voluntary—you may end participation at any time.
  • We encourage you to discuss participation in a clinical trial with your family, friends, and doctors.
  • You and your insurance will not be billed for clinical trial-related visits or procedures.
  • Participation in a clinical trial will require your personal commitment of time and effort.

Take the next step if you or someone you know is interested in participating in a trial.

Questions about making a donation? Please call (650) 770-0201.

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