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At Our Clinic, We Treat Patients as People

At Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center, expect something well beyond your standard patient/physician relationship when it comes to treating Parkinson’s. First and foremost, we know our patients as people. Spouses. Parents. Friends. Treating a Parkinson’s patient at our Clinic is not just treating symptoms in a body exhibiting a disease.

Our fantastic team of doctors will support you holistically at the Instituteas a complex and unique individual. We encourage a family member to attend appointments and participate in your care. It’s also important to us that we address both the physical and emotional journey of Parkinson’s, so no question you or your loved one has is off limits.

At Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center, we specialize in helping you get on with living your life normally as much as possible, even with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. At our Clinic you’ll have access to a range of in-house speech and physical therapy classes designed by those who specialize in addressing the effects of Parkinson’s. We can also connect you with our extensive referral network of specialists to make sure you get expert care for every symptom.

We Treat Patients as Partners

Additionally, our patients are our partners. You will help develop your own personalized treatment plan with your doctor during each comprehensive visit. You deeply inform the research that we perform in the same building, research that in turn informs decisions made regarding your care. You have the chance to provide invaluable contributions to clinical trials that lead to quicker new drug access.

You won’t find another place that is as dedicated to Parkinson’s care and research as we are here at Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center. Come join or support us. We’re in this together.

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